Emojis That Can Talk!

telesoundMy name is Anne, and I'm an emoji-holic. It started out innocently enough -- sending a smiley face here, a sad face there. But soon my casual emoji-ing developed into a full-on addiction, and I prefer to communicate in cartoonish icons rather than real words.

However, instead of checking myself into e-rehab, I'm perfectly fine with egging on my guilty pleasure with the Telesound.

The Telesound (pictured) is an adorable gadget that gives sounds to emojis. This is how it works: you send an emoji from your smartphone or tablet via the Telesound application. The recipient will receive a sound that represents the particular emoji(s) you selected. (Watch the video for the full story.)

Thanks to the small footprint of the Telesound, you can pretty much place it anywhere -- on your desk, on your car's dashboard, in your purse, etc. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how this is useful, but it seems like a lot fun and I'm a sucker for a cute gadget!

Donate to the Telesound Kickstarter page if you want to see -- and hear -- the Telesound brought to life!