Find Scholarships, Grants and More

volunteen2There are grants, scholarships, volunteer opportunities and more just waiting for the right people. We consider it tragic if you can't find the opportunities you need. That's why we love VolunTEEN, an organization that clarifies and simplifies many of these processes for students. Check out the lists of small-time and big-time scholarships (who couldn't use a boost for college? Pricey!). You can also find out about grants that can help fund ideas you may be working on (or wishing you had the funding to work on). Discover resources with step-by-step guides to organizing service projects. Seriously, VolunTEEN is a one-stop shop to help you realize your dreams of do-gooding, and they'll also help you find money to support those dreams as they become reality.

Every day on twitter and facebookVolunTEEN shares more and more opportunities. One example from today includes this: "Ages 13-17: Creating POSITIVE Change in the WORLD? Apply for @MontageHotels $10,000 Humanitarian College Scholarship." Sounds cool, right? Don't miss out.