girl-risingI dare you to watch this film trailer and without streaming tears. The documentary Girl Rising feels less like a movie to us, and more like a movement. You'll see the stories of nine girls in nine countries, narrated by world-famous actresses. The work gives a visual element to the grimness that is easy to glaze over in the news -- child brides married off, girls shot for trying to gain access to education, the horrors of sexual slavery.

There are many dark happenings in this world, and shining light on them clears away some of the pain. This movie brings so many things to light. Let's give it a big voice. The more people who sign up for advance tickets, the more screenings there will be around the country. Get tickets for a screening in your area -- they're starting tomorrow.

Don't see one near you? Sign up to Captain a screening -- that means YOU will bring the film to your town (how amazing is that?!). Invite friends, your soccer team, your youth group, your grandmother's nursing home neighbors, anyone and everyone. Lead the path to change. There are lots of us walking beside you.

Need more convincing? Watch this: