Indie Crafter du Jour: Nicole of Yippy Whippy

yippywhippyTake equal parts weird and cute, and what do you get? Yippy Whippy. Yippy Whippy is artist/crafter Nicole, 24, from Queensland, Australia. From her genius imagination, she's drawn some strange and some adorable things, turning her creations into patches, hair bows, clips and jewelry.

Have you been looking for that burger, fries and soda hair accessory ($6.50) all your life? A pair of pepperoni earrings ($8)? Say... that Narwhal temporary tattoo ($1) has eluded you... UNTIL NOW?

It can all be found and purchased at the Yippy Whippy store. You need to check out her entire inventory, because it's that amazing, and it will make you feel naughty and nice. Also: rumor has it she does portraits. Sign me up, but only if I can be drawn with a childlike Hamburgler.