Three Fun Websites

alligator wrestling Being online can sometimes feel like work, so it's always good to take (short) breaks from research or homework to have a laugh, help the world, or just do some alligator wrestling. Here are three sites we are enjoying lately:

 Alligator Wrestling(pictured). Move the green guys and girls around the board to create the match of your dreams. If, you know, you dream about alligator wrestling.

 Free Kibble. Reader Lindsay wrote to us about this site, where answering a trivia question and gaining a little bit of knowledge will also result in free kibble for shelter dogs. Awww.

 The Ononeon. This site collects actual news stories that sound like the parody headlines on The Onion. It's kind of sad and kind of funny, but it's all real. Sample story: Fresh Prince theme song on phone inspires school lockdown. *Head-desk* Enjoy!