Cool Girl: Arushi, 17, of Bohemian Like You

katieimageWe recently discovered a girl whose shadow would make people stop and stare. Arushi Khosla, 17, is a business student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she runs Bohemian Like You. The personal style and point of view she shares on her site are striking, cool and fun (and the opinions and experiences she posts on tumblr are awesome too). So we asked her to talk to us, and she said yes. Yay! I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start your site? Arushi Khosla: When I was in 8th grade, I started getting increasingly interested in fashion; I was reading intelligent voices in the industry and starting to really appreciate the craft of it and its cultural and historical relevance, beyond just "shopping." Most of my friends were fairly uninterested and so I needed a platform to share my new (scattered) opinions. I got to experiment with styling, photography, all that good stuff. My tumblr is kind of my behind-the-scenes, more raw platform. It's not just my style -- it's about me moving through this industry as a fashion marketing student and compulsive intern. It's geared toward other people in the industry.

IHD: How would you describe your style? AK: Minimal with a dash of bohemian whimsy. It's a work in progress. I like very clean silhouettes and I try to put a lot of focus on the perfect separates. My color palette is very muted. Even prints are a bit on the duller side -- this whole doom and gloom is only accentuated by New York. But in the summer I bust out those wannabe flower child maxi skirts and it is ON.

IHD: What are you looking forward to wearing this spring/summer? AK: The aforementioned maxi skirts, lots of crochet, skirts with fun textures and because too-bright colors freak me out, cool, refreshing hues like mints and sorbets.

IHD: Any amazing low-cost buys you've come across lately? AK: Not as many as I'd like! I got an amazing vintage embellished skirt from Beacon's Closet for a neat $15 last weekend. I consider that a personal triumph.

Keep up with Arushi, if you can.