Crazy-Cool Hair Accessories

unicorn-hair-stickBobby pins and cute bows are always a crowd pleaser. But what if you want to venture off the beaten path of hair accessories? Say... you're a little more Lady Gaga than Taylor Swift? We've got some crazy accoutrements for your coif right here:  Unicorn Hair Stick ($30, pictured). Who doesn't want a wooden unicorn holding their chignon together? If you need the stick length shortened, just ask -- it's free of charge.

 Giant Bone Hair Clip, Tattooed Zombie ($12). Summon your inner Pebbles Flinstone, because this giant bone-shaped clip will have you longing to find your own Bamm Bamm.

 Skeleton Bone Hands Hair Slides ($19). Sometimes you need an extra pair of helping hands, so why not make them creepy, boney ones?

 Teeth Hair Clip ($15). Let your hair chew on this barrette. Flossing is, thankfully, not necessary.