Cute Stuff for $5 or Less

Lite cubesSome days you order a fancy smoothie that costs $5 and all you're left with is bloat. Other days, you find more lasting ways to use a fiver. Here are some options:  LiteCubes LED Ice Cubes, Flashing Panda ($1.95 each, pictured). It's nearing iced-tea season, and you don't want to be caught with boring old clear ice! These chilling cubes blink the rainbow or lock on one solid color, if you want to be subtle.

 Infectious Disease Balls, Think Geek ($1, sale). It's worth $1 to creep out your friends for a minute, right?

 Triple Spike Pendant Necklace, Fred Flare ($4.99, sale). Down from $24, this necklace toughens up your décolletage. Wear it with lace or a sweet collar to balance out the bad-assness.

 Button Pushpins, BleauButtons, ($5 for 25). Anything you want to stick to the wall or a bulletin board will look better with these colorful buttons at its corners. So cute!

 Comb-In Hair Color, Urban Outfitters ($5). Note that this is super-temporary, but if you want pink or blue tips for a day, look no further!