Cute Sunglasses, $5 or Less

pinata cat eyeI'm the person who always loses her sunglasses. I do have one nice pair, but I leave them in my car. The everyday styles I wear are more of the $5 variety, because I'll inevitably leave them somewhere, and if they only cost $5, that's okay. Here are three pairs I'll pick up now that it's sunny:  Cat Eye Piñata Sunglasses, Fred Flare ($3, sale, pictured). Yes, these are as kooky as they sound, and they're the perfect pop of excitement to an all-black outfit or otherwise tame ensemble. You're welcome!

 Oversized Ombre Sunglasses, ($5). I like a classic shape with bright fade-to-ombre style so much that I may get two colors.

 Butterfly Sunglasses, Forever 21 ($3.80). "Butterfly" is the shape -- thick arms and big lenses. Sweet.