Go From Bold to Blushing with the Lip Brush

maybelline-lip-brushAs you may have read, I'm owning the bright lip this spring. It's been quite the departure from my regular arsenal of Lip Smackers and neutral glosses, but after a few compliments on my new "look," I've really enjoyed playing with different bold colors. It's like I'm Nicki Minaj. But, sometimes, you just don't want your lips to be the center of attention. What to do with the seven tubes of crazy bright lipsticks I just impulsively bought? The lip brush.

Instead of applying straight from the tube, use a lip brush to apply a small dose of color to a pout (we like this one from Maybelline for $8). Crazy red becomes a hint of cherry, shocking pink turns into a coy blush, and a bold purple transforms into a gentle magenta. Intensify the color as much as you want with additional layers.

A simple and easy way to get double duty out of your (impulse) purchases!