How to Shop Vintage

floral shortsEarth Day happened on Sunday, and we hope you planted a tree or recycled something or even took a moment to turn your face up to the sun and bask in the glow. To keep the nature love going all year long, there's a very fun thing you can do more of: Vintage Shopping! Our favorite vintage maven, Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage, is here to drop some knowledge. Her new book, 100 Best Vintage Shops Online, is full of smart tips and uncovered treasures from the vintage world, so listen up: "If digging in the dirt to plant some trees isn’t your thing (because it’s definitely not mine), every girl can help the planet by vowing to buy a portion of her wardrobe secondhand. What does 'secondhand' mean? It means the clothing has been previously owned and rather than thrown away into a landfill (which hurts the planet), is available to buy from thrift, consignment and vintage stores for a new life with you! And bonus: buying secondhand always saves you money, so that you can get your favorite designer name or a one-of-a-kind dress for a fraction of its 'new' cost.

"Here are some of my favorite vintage looks for spring from a few of the shops in the book:

 '70s Yellow Hippie Boho Mini Dress, $44, from The Kissing Tree Vintage.

 '90s lace crop top, $30, and ‘70s lemonade yellow mini skirt, $26, from JessJamesJake.

 '80s red & white gingham/floral shorts, $33 (pictured), from Twitch Vintage."

Thanks, Sammy! Sammy's e-book, the 100 Best Vintage Shops Online (available for $4.99 on Etsy or on Sammy Davis Vintage), is your handy guide to finding sustainable vintage style. Go snag it.