Read It: Great Spring Books!

going vintageI've read a ton of good books this year, including Michael Northrop's Rotten (dog lovers look here!) and Nova Ren Suma's hauntingly beautiful 17 & Gone, about a girl who thinks she hears the voices and stories of other girls who've disappeared at 17. Here are three more that I heart a lot!  Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt (Bloomsbury, pictured). Mallory's boyfriend betrays her with an online girlfriend, and she swears off all modern technology in response. This premise could be silly but in Leavitt's capable hands it's charming and hilarious. While wishing for a simpler time of Pep Clubs, home-sewn formal dresses and "steadies" who don't cheat, Mallory wears awesome-sounding outfits, learns a lot about her family and (oh!) falls in love with a boy who's much more worth her time than her ex, the virtual philanderer.

 MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza (Katherine Tegen Books). I have to admit that I'm not big on sci-fi in my reads (sorry) but MILA 2.0 sucked me in from the start with danger, action and a character who's just trying to be a little more human, in a kick-ass way. This one reads like a fast-paced movie -- so much fun you'll fly through it.

 Who Done It? edited by Jon Scieszka (Soho Teen). In this funny, smart and unusual collection of alibis for the night when a hated (and smelly) editor was murdered, you'll find at least one story by your favorite author. (No really, whoever they are, they probably wrote for this book because the anthology features dozens of people, including me!) The writing is quick-witted and sparkling with personality -- it's a truly fun read.

Go, go! Run to the bookstore, the download spot or the library. And if you can't find these books where you're looking, just ask -- the library or bookstore will get them!