Cool Backpacks & Totes That Do Good

Simple_Tote_-_Olive_Bottom_Back_On_White_largeFor every tote bag or backpack sold, Esperos sends one child to school for a year. Think about that. A year of knowledge, of growth, of something most of us take for granted -- school. The per-bag donation from Esperos pays the tuition for someone whose life will be changed by this year of education. Also, the bags are cool. I know that shouldn't matter as much, but it's a bonus, right? These bags are made from high quality, natural fabrics that they promise "will age better than your JanSport." The company also pays a living wage and adheres to ethical working standards. So there's that.

Check out their Classic Packs ($75), the super-cool totes ($48, pictured, perfect for summer style) and the tees that sport their mission: "Esperos. Carry Hope." Count us in.