Be in "Mint Condition" for Summer

mint-shoeIf there is one summer fashion trend I'm planning on following, it's matching my ice cream flavor to my outfit. Maybe this rule hasn't been touted by Vogue yet, but here at I Heart Daily, it is known. First up, a selection of minty items to perfectly complement my double scoop of mint chip.  Charlie Oxford, Nasty Gal ($55). Hello, super cute lace ups! Incredibly chic, and undeniably more comfortable than your strappy heels.

♥ Crepe Woven Skater Skirt, Forever 21 ($18). A flouncy, bouncy skirt is a must-have for summer for frolicking in the park or boardwalk or, yes, skating.

♥ Skinny Minnie Skimmer Khaki, Gap ($50). The sun is out, and a pair of pastel, minty green skimmers are the pants you need to do your best Audrey Hepburn impression.

♥ Silky Drop-waist Shirtdress, Urban Outfitters ($20, sale). This drop-waist dress is very Gatsby, so summon your inner Daisy Buchanan and do the Charleston.