Give the Gift of Giving for Mother's Day!

oxfam-mothers-dayMother's Day is just around the corner (this Sunday!), and while I admit to buying last-minute gifts -- flowers, jewelry, chocolate -- here are some last-minute gifts of substance. Instead of going the traditional route, donate the money you would have spent at the local florist to a charity in her name. These donations will help women-in-need all around the world. Here are three options to check out: Help a Mom Out. This non-profit has a focused mission of delivering diapers. Why diapers? At a cost of $75-$100 a month/child, many families cannot afford enough diapers, and babies will often develop rashes or diseases from infrequent changes. For as little as $10, you can help a family out by buying them this necessity. Donate in your mom's name, and they'll send her a card!

Oxfam Unwrapped (pictured). For $45, you can literally gift a kid to a family -- a goat, that is. Other amazing ways to help: giving books to kids ($25), helping build a garden ($35), or buying a school meal program for a deserving student ($35).

Women for Women International. Women for Women runs training programs in war-affected countries to help women earn a living. Boost these survivors by sending them the tools they need to get their lives back on track. A baking basket will go to women in Bosnia and Afghanistan, a sewing basket to women in Afghanistan, Kosovo and DR Congo, and baby chicks to women in Nigeria.