Quirky, Artful Nail Decals from $6

i heart nail decalsTired of nail art yet? Of course not! So, meet Julia, a trained painter who has turned her imaginative mind to designing nail decals. The results are fun, quirky, artistic and plain awesome. Each set comes with 30 nail decals -- enough for 2-3 manicures! There is something for everyone in her Etsy store I Heart Nail Art, but here are four of our favorites! Mark Rothko Paintings ($6). Owning an authentic Rothko painting will set you back an arm and a leg. Instead, own 30 of his designs -- one for each nail -- for mere cents per finger!

Game of Thrones ($7). Who's going to win the Iron Throne? Whether you're rooting for the Starks or the Targaryens, show your fandom by sporting all the house emblems, and saying: "Winter is coming..."

3D Decals w/3D glasses ($10). Whoa. These decals feature people wearing 3D glasses, and they'll look all floaty when you wear 3D glasses. So meta.

Marie Antoinette Portraits ($6). Pay homage to the lady whose famous quote, "Let them eat cake," is the saying I live by. Don't mind if I do!