RED Hearts: Feria Wild Ombré Kit (tested and approved!)

zulayombreRED Hearts are guest posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today. Today’s RED Hearts post is from RED author Zulay Regalado, 24, in Miami who forsook the salon and gave herself ombré locks:):

I’ve always admired anyone who has braved the world of at-home hair coloring and lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, I lack in the “visionary” aspect of this art. I usually fork over the $100+ to treat my hair with professional hands (and I swear I can hear my wallet sob from inside my purse).

My current hair obsession is the ombré, a two-toned coloring technique worn by celebs like Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore. Shivering wallet in mind, I began to research DIY techniques to replicate this popular style and add some variety to my long, sometimes wavy, mostly chestnut hair.

Thankfully, the gods of DIY dying spared me the embarrassing aftermath that would surely come of this little project, and I discovered the Feria Wild Ombré hair coloring kit ($10-$15) by L’Oreal Paris. In typical “do first, cry later” fashion, I gave it a try. The kit comes with an applicator brush, and distributing the transformative potion was surprisingly as simple as brushing my hair. I chose the Medium to Dark Brown color, and after several seconds of waiting for my head to catch fire and finding nothing but perfectly two-toned locks [that's Zulay in the photo]. I was ecstatic.

The best part? I paid less than $20 for the entire process. My wallet sobbed that day, but this time it was tears of money-saving joy.

Check out the step-by-step ombré application tutorial below, and visit your local drugstore for your L’Oreal Ombré kit:


RED Hearts guest poster Zulay Regalado is an author of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today, which is out in paperback.