Send a Phone Baby to Your Friends

do-something-baby-textDo Something has launched a national campaign to help prevent teen pregnancy. By texting your friends a "text baby," they'll get a little taste of what it would be like to have a kid of their own. I signed up yesterday, and this morning, um, I was woken up to a barrage of texts:

6:30 AM: "WAHHH! Oh good, you're up! I haven't eaten for like 3 hours... in baby time that's like a week. Bring me breakfast?"

7:00 AM: "I know you're running late, bu-GRRGLEBARFFFF. Oops, sorry about your shirt."

7:30 AM: "Don't blame that smell on me!"

I have to admit, I turned my phone on silent after the rude awakening at 6:30 AM (!!!), but I'm well aware that a real baby does not operate like an iPhone. Go to Do Somethingto find out all the details to participate in this "exercise." A very cool extra bonus: by signing up for a "text baby," you could win a $3,000 scholarship!