Book-Inspired Beauty

born of illusionTeri Brown's Born of Illusion is out this week! It's set in 1920s New York City, where Anna, an illusionist with more powers than she lets on, assists her faux-medium mother in a stage show and private seances. Anna's world is vivid and mysterious -- it's filled with magic, romance, dark arts and intrigue. Plus, you can almost see and hear jazz-age New York when you read this book, and Anna's adventures and discoveries keep the pages turning. Bonus: Glamour Doll Eyes has created a 1920s themed eye makeup set, complete with vivid colors and a tutorial on how to get a throwback smoky-eyed look, inspired by Born of Illusion.

Watch Alicia of Glamour Doll Eyes smoke up her peepers. The shadow set is $15 and it's on sale only through July 1st. I won't pretend to be able to recreate the look, but it'll be fun to try (and I'm also searching for a lip shade like the one on the cover. Gorgeous, right?). I love it when beauty and books come together.