Cool Girl: Kiera, 16, Curious Scientist

KeiraKaylaWhen Kiera Wilmot, 16 (pictured with her twin sister Kayla), mixed cleaning solution and tin foil and created a small explosion outside of her Florida high school, she was expelled and charged with a felony. Kiera is a good student with a great behavior record, and she was just curious. No one was hurt. (I know, we said happy news, right?) Well, scientists and educators on twitter started speaking up about the things they blew up in school with the hashtag #KieraWilmot. They objected to the harshness of the charges, and the case got a lot of attention. So much, in fact, that the charges have been dropped. And... Homer Hickam, a writer and former NASA engineer, started a Crowdtilt campaign to send Wilmot and her twin sister Kayla to Space Camp. It was funded within two days (Yay, online community!).

Happy Space Camp, Kiera and Kayla. Happy Friday, all!