Draw in 3D (seriously!)

3doodlerWe are nerd girls at I Heart Daily, and you may have noticed that we like school supplies, like these pop culture pencils and this Mad Men pen necklace. Today, we've found three awesome pens for kindred, office-supply-obsessed spirits:  3Doodler ($99 pre-order, results pictured). Yes, that's almost a three-figure price tag, and it's not available until February. But please do yourself a favor and watch what this pen can do. It brings what you draw to LIFE! It's like the pen of the future. So you should know about it.

 Marimo Moss Ball Point Pen, Uncommon Goods ($20). This handmade pen by glass artist Melissa Boyle suspends a tiny moss ball in its cork-topped base. Practical terrariums rule.

 Predict-a-Pen, Fred Flare ($10). With each shake and click of this baby, you'll get an answer. Should you trust this pen? "Hell yeah!"