"Highlight" Your Best Assets

glow_lotionTime to get that glowy, effervescent, shimmery summer look. But don't depend on sweating to get it -- here are three of our favorite ways to gorgeously glisten:  Hair Tinsel ($13). Put a little temporary sparkle in your 'do with Hair Tinsel. Choose any color you want -- pink, purple, yellow, blue -- and tie or glue into place. It will stay for 3-5 weeks, and you can shampoo and condition as usual!

 Essential Shimmer Eye Liner, E.L.F. ($1 each). There's no better way to make eyes pop than with some fun glittery colors, and for only ONE DOLLAR each, you can afford the entire collection. Bonus: a pencil sharpener is built into the cap -- genius!

 Glow Lotion, Soap and Glory ($19, pictured). Whether you want to emphasize your legs, arms or collarbone, this moisturizer give a lovely, dewy sheen to skin.