@SummerBreak in Real Time

summer breakI admit it: I really liked The Hills. So much so that I sometimes watch old episodes on Netflix. Sick but true. Now @SummerBreak is filling the void that MTV created when they stopped tailing LC. The series follows nine teens during their last summer together after high school. They're sharing their experiences in real-time over the next eight weeks on TwitterTumblrInstagram and Youtube.

I'm slightly addicted. Meet the cast and find them online if you want to eavesdrop on the last summer before they all leave home, and each other:

Ray: "I don't get embarrassed. I'm just outgoing. I get super-hyped."

Kostas: "I'm like a celebrity with all these cameras around."

Trevis: "I live with my grandmother in a one-bedroom apartment. I  don't have that experience that most kids in Santa Monica have."

Nia: "I tend to have a very flirty-flirty personality even though I have a boyfriend."

Connor: "I'm kinda different than other kids. My parents don't support me financially at all."

Alex: "I'm always down for anything... I don't have my eye on anyone specifically but there are people I'd like to hook up with. I'm a troublemaker, but in a good way."

Lena: "I think that I'm a good girl... I really want independence. I wanna start my own life. I'm in love with the idea of being in love."

Clara: "I've gone through a lot of bad stuff... you would look at me and never assume that."

Zaq: "Nobody really has beef with me. How could you? I'd just give you hugs and stuff."