The Summer to Wear Pineapples!

pineapple_romperThere are two minds of the Ultimate Summer Fruit. Some are in the watermelon camp: juicy, fresh and light. However, I stand firmly on Team Pineapple: delicious, sweet and tangy. It's the promise of summer in a weird looking plant. Here are four stylish ways to pay homage:

 Lacy Oaf Pineapple Shorts, ASOS ($61, sale). Bright pink shorts with three-eyed smiling pineapples make this graphic print a piece of pop art.

 Pineapple Print Romper, Forever21 ($23, pictured). A blue romper with a drawstring waist is a playful way to wear this onesie.

 Pineapples iPhone Case, Cesara ($19). iPhone cases come in every color and design these days. Why not add a pineapple one to your growing collection?

 Tropical Yellow Pineapple Collar Clip, Etsy ($22). Pop your collar with this fruity pair.

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