Trend to Try: Overalls

lace-overallsOveralls aren't just for farmers and country dwellers. And though they were quite popular in the grungy '90s, their presence has lain dormant -- until now. I've been peeping fashion-forward ladies sporting these strappy one-pieces in updated versions, and let me tell you, they look super cute. Here are three to consider:  Lace Overall Romper, Forever 21 ($30, pictured). Who says overalls aren't date night material? This black romper has a floral lace overlay for a girly, romantic vibe.

♥ Cut-Off Overall Dress, Urban Outfitters ($49). I had an almost exact version of this denim overall that I sported annually during the hot months of 1993-1997. It served me well.

♥ American Rag Flag Print Overall, Macy's ($49). This red, white and blue number will look amazing eating watermelon, picnicking, or doing anything else remotely related to summer.