Win Sarah Dessen's The Moon and More

sarah dessen the moon and moreI read Sarah Dessen's new book, The Moon and More, at the beach this week. It is so, so full of heart and wonder and magic that it MUST be on your summer reading list (see below for a chance to win it!). We talked to Sarah about what she's hearting right now, while we heart her book:  "Twistband hair ties: I am a girl who ALWAYS has an elastic on my wrist, for those times during the day when I just can't deal with my hair anymore. I usually am rocking one of those simple black drugstore ones, but these hair ties do the job and are actually pretty. They come in all colors and look like a ribbon, much nicer than a plain black band. I prefer my Carolina Blue one, but that's me, I'm an NC girl."

 "The Real Housewives: I know I shouldn't admit this. But oh, well. I LOVE this show, and yes, I mean all the cities. I have seen each episode of every season. I pay my penance by only watching when I am exercising: I can't have it on unless I am running or on the elliptical. It keeps me coming back, at any rate. And I swear Andy Cohen is my spirit animal."

♥ "Lay's Sriracha Potato Chips: Okay, the truth is, these are too spicy for me. I can handle about two and then my mouth is on fire. But my husband fell in LOVE with them when they were first released for a limited time, and finding them became sort of an obsession for me. I was stalking grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, what have you. Like the craziest (and spiciest) scavenger hunt ever."

 "Where'd You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple: I love having good books to recommend to people, and always have a list going. This one, however, has become something I find myself PUSHING onto anyone who I come into contact with. It's a book that's so hard to explain: you just have to pick it up and read a few pages, and you'll be hooked. It's about an artist and mom who disappears, and how her daughter collects documents trying to find her...but just skip the description and dive in. You won't be sorry, I swear."

 "Cole Haan Nike Air technology: I was turned onto Cole Haan's dress shoes with this comfort plus by my publicist, who often has to look cute AND be on her feet for hours at a time. All their shoes now have the Nike bubble, and believe me, it makes a difference. My favorite are the ballet flats. They come in all colors, some with buckles, and have saved me on book tour. I'm a total convert."

We love Sarah and her hearts (especially those Sriracha chips). Enter below in various ways for a chance to win The Moon and More! A random winner will be chosen next week.

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