Clear Up Body Breakouts

Gentle_cleaning_bar_480x336I've been spending some time in an un-airconditioned situation this summer, and let me tell you... my back and shoulders were feeling it. No one likes to talk about body breakouts, but they do happen. And I've found two solutions during this sweltering summer, so if you've got bacne (ick), listen up:  AcneFree Gentle Cleansing Bar ($6.50). I like the feel of bar soap in my hands, and this one has exfoliating micro-beads. It's also formulated for acne-prone skin, with simple ingredients, which means it won't clog pores and it won't dry you out. I'm smitten.

 Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash ($8). The bubbly lather smells like grapefruit, and the cleansing crystals help exfoliate areas like back, shoulders and chest without over-drying. After a few days of using it, I've returned to the summery land of shoulder-bearing dresses. Phew!