Cute High-Low Skirts Under $30

high_low_skirtIn summer, my main clothing qualifications are: Light and Airy. Asymmetrical, high-low skirts give you both of those qualities, with a bit of whimsy on the side. Here are three great picks under $30:

 Chiffon High-Low Skirt, Forever 21 ($16, pictured). In Aqua or Peach, this skirt is dance meets real world, and it will add a little swag to your step.

 Hem Print Skirt, DJP Boutique ($14, sale). With its graphic pattern and navy-beige tones, this one combines classic with trendy. Bonus: Elastic waistband.

 Mesh Skirt, Rare London ($25). Classic black works with a white tee, a patterned tank or anything you can throw at it, really. Wear this one all of August -- it'll only look witchy if you want it to.