Gentle Cleansers for Problem Skin

purposeSkin can be finicky in the summer: it’s hot, you break out, you try to assuage zits with a harsh cleanser, then skin becomes irritated, etc. What you need to do is treat breakouts with some TLC to help your skin reset. The best way to stop this vicious cycle is with a mild cleanser that won’t over-dry or agitate skin. Here are three personally tested products with the I Heart Daily seal of approval!

 Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ($10). Cetaphil is known for its gentle formula, and carries two facial cleansers: one that is super mild, and this one for normal to oily skin. It strips oils and dirt without that tight, itchy-skin feeling.
♥ Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash ($8). I love clean soap smell. After washing your face, you’ll walk around catching a whiff, and feel satisfied that you made your skin happy.
♥ Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser ($7). Neutrogena makes great products, and their super gentle is perfect for sensitive skin. The dermatologist-tested, soap-free formula actually adds moisture back every time you use it, while chamomile and Vitamin E help soothe skin.