Get $25 to Help the World

DSKiva25000Women Shelley Tibbetts is a member of Team I Heart Daily, and she’s written about everything from an inspiring teenage dog photographer to a movement to get More Love Letters out into the world. Follow her on Twitter – she’s always full of inspiring and happy links. Her latest post is about how you can get $25 -- for free! -- to help Kiva help the world:

Did you know there are 1.3 billion people in the world who live on less than $1 a day? Most are women. Although females make up half the world’s population, they represent 70% of the world’s poor. That’s why Do Something and have joined forces to create change (with your help of course)! Go to DoSomething to sign up and share the 25,000 Women campaign with your friends before it ends on September 13th.

After learning about tough working conditions that women face globally in one of five countries you’ll be connected to’s website to unlock a $25 dollar loan, browse through a list of amazing women entrepreneurs, and then personally select who will receive your loan. The best part? It’s all totally free thanks to lenders that want to help you make an impact!

It's time to help fight global poverty. Women invest 80% of their resources into their families, so in the span of a few minutes you’ll not only help change a life, but a community and the world. Not to mention you can receive updates on the entrepreneur you helped and maybe even win a $3,000 scholarship for yourself!

The campaign has over $600,000 dollars in loans to give, so what are you waiting for?