Lumi: The "Other" Screen Printing

lumiScreen printing is a technical, involved process that takes skill, a lot of space and a good amount of equipment. I love the results, but have never taken the time to learn the ins and outs of the craft. I guess that's another way to say I'm lazy, but like most things today, there's an app for that (well, more like a 3-step project that involves an app). Say 'hello' to Lumi, the "new DIY alternative to screen printing." By using light-sensitive inkodye (in red, blue or yellow) and special inkjet film to make negatives, you can transfer photo images onto natural and absorbent fibers like cotton. The "printing" comes in when you expose the fabric to sunlight, which "develops" the ink and makes your image appear. The best part? The images are ones you take. If you have a printer you can make the negatives yourself, or use the Lumi app to get them sent to you.

We suggest getting the Starter Kit ($30), which includes everything you need to start Lumi-ing. Get creative. You now have the power to print t-shirts featuring the squirrel that lives in your backyard or your best friend eating spaghetti. Really, the options are endless.