Perfect Summer Shorts

arushi full We interviewed Arushi Khosla, 17, in the spring. She's a business student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she runs Bohemian Like You (plus a great tumblr). Today, she's sharing some of her favorite summer pieces, styled superbly, including a perfect pair of shorts. Here's Arushi:

As much I strongly dislike the word “tribal” as a descriptive term for clothing, I adore these shorts. Soft drapery and cool colours. Walter Baker makes this airy mesh top which is just slouchy enough without overwhelming your body. And since I’m always up for a great black boot, these were a natural choice. The details:

 Mesh top by Walter Baker.

 Melania shorts by Winter Lennon.

 Hollyday boots by Nine West.

 Lookmatic sunglasses.

 Matte lipstick in scarlet by We See Beauty/MAKE.

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