Read It: Chocolates for Breakfast

chocolates for breakfastThis book, written by then-18-year-old Pamela Moore, was published in 1956. Reviewers called it astonishingly candid, readers devoured it, and literary circles compared Moore to JD Salinger. But it's been out of print for 45 years. Until now. This book is raw and open -- you can practically feel its heart beating as you follow 15-year-old Courtney through her private school hallways to Hollywood and back to parties with the New York City elite. The voice is true and startling -- I reached to highlight passages in every chapter.

Sadly, Moore committed suicide at the age of 26, much like another brilliant young light of her era, Sylvia Plath. Plath's work, however, is still read worldwide. Here's hoping this one will be too, once again. Do yourself a favor and get Chocolates for Breakfast.