Your Guide to Mascara

clump crusherMascara is the one-sweep face-fixer. It makes tired eyes look mysterious, and dim eyes look bright. Michiko Boor, makeup artist for runways and celebrities alike, gave us some drugstore beauty picks last month. Now she's here to drop three points of knowledge about that black magic wand (which, by the way, is one of the best drugstore buys out there):

 "I love Clump Crusher by Cover Girl (pictured). It's a great layering mascara -- you can layer and layer and you won’t get clumps. It’s a really clean finish for lashes."

 "Go for black, the blackest black you can find, even if you’re very fair. A light layer is okay, but go black. It adds more drama. And isn't that why you're putting it on in the first place?"

 "You could spend $25 on DiorShow, and it's great, but it dries out in less than a month. Get a Cover Girl or Maybelline tube to last you longer (the quality is just as good)."