3 Happy, Healthy Beauty Products

a_beautiful_life_removerWith the help of the Internet, we've become savvy consumers when it comes to our purchases. One thing I've educated myself about through many Googles is the presence of chemicals in our everyday beauty products. And while I'm not doing a complete overhaul of my medicine cabinet, I am making better choices when it comes to frequently used items. Here are a few that I can recommend!  Soy Polish Remover, A Beautiful Life ($20, pictured). Your run-of-the-mill nail polish remover certainly smells toxic, so we should probably take heed. This formula by A Beautiful Life is DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free, as evident from its refreshing grapefruit smell.

♥ Burnout Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen ($18). On a recent trip to Mexico, I discovered that 10% of the world's coral reefs may already be damaged by the chemicals in the sunscreens swimmers wear. But there are a lot of options out there to keep our underwater friends happy! Burnout's eco-safe, chemical-free formula goes on smooth, without a greasy feel or weird scent.

 Hurraw Lip Balm ($4). Can't stop giving rave reviews to this lip balm. If something essentially goes on (and probably in) your mouth, you don't want to be ingesting anything funky. All-natural Hurraw balms are so tasty that you may find yourself licking your lips, but since they're all-natural, it's OK.