Go Fish: Feminist Playing Cards

feminist-playing-cardsThere's nothing like a game of Go Fish or Rummy to get the competitive juices flowing (um, at least for nerds like me). But my usual steely-eyed focus could get thrown with this amazing deck of Feminist Playing Cards ($25, pictured). Here we have 52 cards illustrated with 52 influential feminist musicians by, you guessed it, 14 feminist artists. There's Riot Grrl favorite Janet Weiss, avant-garde boundary-pusher Yoko Ono, R&B queen Aretha Franklin, folksinger activist Joan Baez, and other lesser-known -- but equally important -- DIY punk purveyors like Meghan Minior of Ampere. Oh, and that's only five of them; wait until you check out the other 47.

Besides being distractingly awesome to look at, you'll also learn about amazing, fearless women who have rocked, crooned and yelled across the decades. Call it a extremely compact work of art or a novel way to get a music education, any way you cut, shuffle or deal it, Feminist Playing Cards are the coolest way you'll EVER play solitaire.