Pretty Hair Ties

leather7Standard hair ties work for everyday, but if you're taking the time to, say, create a fishtail braid or make beachy waves that need to be oh-so-casually tied back, you might want a little extra panache. Try one of these:  Leather Hair Tie (DIY, pictured). Just a quick visit to a crafts store and you can make your own version of this one with the help of the bright minds at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

 Lacquered Cuff, Forever 21 ($7). A cool, structured (and shiny!) way to tie back piecey hair.

 Bandtz (3 for $15). They're lacy, delicate and -- in the right context -- super romantic. Use the pert bows for a classic ponytail, or the feminine frills in a long, loose style.