Pretty Raw Gem Jewelry

quartz necklaceShiny, polished gemstones have their place, but sometimes we like it raw. Here are three gorgeously unfinished rock pieces that can give your look a jagged edge:  Titanium Quartz Necklace, Chromosphere ($14, pictured). Vertical rainbow-hued quartz crystals (the color is created by the addition of titanium) are like a science project around your neck.

 Amethyst Earrings, rememberZEN ($10). Two uncut studs are like little purple snowflakes for your ears. Plus, amethyst supposedly balances mood swings. So... bonus.

 Gold Gilded Geode Ring, Swellmayde, (DIY!). Check out this easy way to make a superhero-worthy crystal ring. The DIY is easy but the bold style is not for the feint of heart.