Way More Romantic than a Text

Wonder_Woman_Mix_and_Match_StationerySometimes it seems like people haven't written on paper since WWII's romantic love letters, right? But there's something about it -- the effort, the permanence, the refreshing absence of emojis. In short, we love letters. Here are three pretty ways to express yourself with this classic art:  Wonder Woman Mix & Match ($9 for 16 sheets, pictured). Paper, envelopes and stickers to boot. Get your invisible jet on. (More of aNancy Drew fan? We've got you covered.)

 Typewriter Notecards ($16 for 12 cards). Since you're being all throwbacky anyway, why not send a vintage image. Bonus points for typing -- really typing, like with ink -- your message.

 Society 6, Mixed Artists ($12 for 3 cards). Pricey but adorable and cheeky. Check out the Tenenbaums, the "Do Not Despair" and Sunny Leo  for examples.

PS-Not sure where to write? Visit More Love Letters and hit up someone who could really use some paper sunshine.