Trend to Try: Ear Cuffs

ear-cuffI'm about to say something that will shock a lot of you -- my ears are not pierced. That's right, they're sans holes, lobes 100% unblemished. My mom banned this mall ritual when I was a pre-teen, and I just never followed through when I was of age. (Mom: 1; Daughter: 0.) Ol' mom suggested I could wear clip-on earrings, which were, obviously, extremely dorky and uncool. However, if this current trend of ear cuffs was around when I was 12, you bet my cartilage would be adorned with spikes and chains and jewels: ♥ Rainbow Jewel Ear Cuff Pack, ASOS ($17, pictured). This colorful cuff also comes with star studs for added illumination.

 Precious Metal Ear Cuff, NeedSupply ($22). Have an intricate lattice of metal and pyramid studs climb up your ear -- sounds creepy, but looks cool.

 Pyramid Stud Ear Cuff w/Earring, Forever 21 ($3). Very Cyndi Lauper or Madonna circa 1985.