Vintage Teen Novels!

lizzie-skurnick-books-subThe titles of old Young Adult novels are the stuff of crazy dreams: Debutante HillMe and Fat GlendaI'll Love You When You're More Like Me, to name a few gems. Lizzie Skurnick Books is a new imprint from writer Lizzie Skurnick, the author of Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading, and she's uncovering treasured teen novels from the '30s through the '80s that have gone out of print and might otherwise be forgotten. Skurnick has noted that while many boy-centered novels from the past are still in print, most of the girl-appeal books have disappeared from the shelves. Lizzie Skurnick Books aims to change that. We're excited about their first release, Lois Duncan's Debutante Hill, involving a would-be debutante and a "shiftless young man"... yes. The book was gone for 30 years and is now coming back in September!

You can subscribe to the Lizzie Skurnick Book Club for $10 per book with a 6-month trial or a 12-month commitment, which gets you one bonus book! We are excited to dive into the social issues, language and style of teenagers past -- plus, not to be shallow, but these gorgeous covers will look good on our shelves.