3 Quirky Coin Purses

macaron-coin-purseBad habit #467: Throwing loose change willy-nilly into my bag. If you share this problem, here are three eye-catching coin purses that might motivate us to keep our Georges, Thomas's, Abrahams and Franklins all together.  Scented Macaroon Coin Purse, Fred Flare ($14, pictured). You love to eat them; you'll love storing your change in them.

♥ Milk Tooth Coin Purse ($17). A hand-printed winking canine with a clasp closure is big enough to carry some extras like lip balm and a phone.

 Popsicle Coin Purse, Kate Spate ($46, sale). Summer may be on its last legs, but this patent leather popsicle will keep the dream alive all year long.