3 Tech-Cute Accessories

pig-usb-hubTechnology is here to stay -- so it might as well look cute. (Am I right?) Here are three accessories sure to up the adorable quotient on your everyday devices.  Milky Candy iPhone Case, ebay ($8). This was one of my favorite candies as a kid! A popular treat in Japan, each piece tastes like delicious condensed milk.

 Pig Buddies USB Hub, Office Chums ($30, pictured). So many devices, so few USB ports! Solve that problem with a hub in the form of a mommy pig and her piglets. Oink.

 Bolt Power Strip, Dormify ($25). My apartment can look perfectly polished, but that darn utilitarian power strip is always such an eyesore.  I plan on replacing my beige one with this bright yellow lightning bolt to power up.