Style Blogger: Maggie, 13

MEMaggie Royce, 13, started her blog in third grade so that she could say "what I want when I want!" She writes about things like the difference between fashion splurges and steals, the first day of school ("All I can say is, 8th grade is tough.") and vlogs about her everyday makeup routine. She's purely herself and we love that! So we sat down for a chat:

I Heart Daily: How would you describe your style? Maggie: My style is very classic and preppy, so I blame it on my northeast roots. I was born in a little preppy town so that is a total influence.

IHD: What do you love best in your closet this season? M: This past summer I was on the hunt for the perfect blazer and I finally found it! It is navy with an off white tipped and is so youthful. I've also been loving my bright pink Ralph Lauren pants. I got them at a local consignment store for $20 and I'm head over heels obsessed!

IHD: What advice would you give to girls who are hesitant to express their style? M: When people look at you they remember what you wore, how you acted and what you said. If you wear something expected, blend in and don't have a voice, you won't be remembered. Make people remember you.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? M: Pinterest is a longtime love of mine and recently I've been loving it even more! It gets me to step out of my comfort zone and has a ton of inspiration. I'm still clinging on to what's left of summer so ice cream sandwiches are a guilty pleasure!

Find Maggie on her site and twitter and tumblr.