Up Your Sweatshirt Game

blue-floral-sweatshirtComfy, cozy and casual -- everyone loves a sweatshirt. But whereas before they weren't exactly a stylish go-to, now there are interesting and chic options for this ubiquitous closet staple. Pair any one of these pullovers with skinny jeans and ankle booties, and you'll look more ready for a night out than gym class.  Embellished Raglan Sweatshirts, Old Navy ($22.50 - $25). Want a little razzle dazzle with your sweatshirt? Old Navy offers four versions with sequins and sparkly doohickies.

 Lace Front Sweatshirt, Piperline ($74). For a delicate yet sporty look, here's a ivory piece with a lace front and back. Simply charming!

 Lavish Alice Floral Print Sweatshirt, ASOS ($64, pictured). Electric blue flowers make a bold statement. A floral print has never looked edgier.

♥ Printed Sweatshirt, Zara ($36). Wear a geometric puzzle comprised of random stuff: a pretty girl, the inside of a room, maybe a shower curtain? In any case, it looks rad.