A New Kind of Natural Deodorant

whishDeodorant is one of those things that you want to get right. I've tried lots of different kinds, and I often change up my routine. Now, there's a new option: Whish. It's a natural deodorant swipe that you can throw in your bag for use on the go, for when you hit the gym or in case you forget to apply something in the morning (not that I've ever done that...). Because it comes in a handy little packet, it's perfect for carrying with you. Other positives: Whish has a really clean, light scent, its ingredients are safe and non-toxic, and it actually inhibits hair growth. The bad news? It's $22 for a pack of 30, so I probably won't use these daily after my shower. But, as a drop-in for my bag so that I always have something on the go, these work!