Accessories with Ears!

cat_watchA maybe-you-don't-care fact about me: my ears stick out a little. Like, if my hair is worn down, you're likely to see a little peek of lobe. I embrace my imperfections, and so in this post, here are three accessories that pay tribute to The Ear.

 Cat Ears Watch, ASOS ($20). Even when you check your watch only to see you're 40 minutes late for a date, you'll have a friendly, smiling kitty saying, "It's OK."

 Underwear with Fox Ears, knickerocker ($39). Truly a foxy pair of panties. The rear has the face of a fox sewn on, with fox ears attached to the waistband.

 Little Animal Ring, Urban Outfitters ($9). Who needs gems or diamonds when there's a pair of floppy bunny ears adorning a ring? So presh.