Amazing, Inspiring Girls

stacey ferreiraThe October issue of Seventeen magazine is full of fun stuff, but none more awesome than the feature on five inspiring girls who vied for the cover in the Pretty Amazing contest. Here's an inspiring quote from each one of them. Read their full stories in this month's Seventeen.

Stacey Ferreira, 21 (pictured), turned her business idea, MySocialCloud, into millions. "I know I'm not the only one with a great idea... I hope that people everywhere will be inspired to do something awesome!"

Kay-ci Bele, 18, All-American Wrestler (with the boys). "A lot of guys don't want to wrestle me because they (cockily) think they'll hurt me... So when they hesitate, I go for it. I just want to win."

Paige McKenzie, 19, YouTube star. "I didn't fit the Hollywood mold, but that didn't stop me. I made it fit me!"

Ant Roman, 21, Nerdache Cakes boss who sells nerdy-cool sweets (Harry Potter cookies, anyone?). "I'm self-taught -- I watched videos on YouTube!"

Paige Rawl, 19, HIV/AIDS activist. "My speeches are a way for me to stand up for all the people who feel ashamed of their status. I'll keep sharing my story because stopping prejudice is as important as stopping the disease."