Best of the Vermont Country Store

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 7.46.27 PMWhen fall rolls around I want crunchy leaf piles, hot cider and The Vermont Country Store catalog with its earnest, old-school items. Here are three picks to warm up your autumn:  Princess Phone ($60, pictured). If you still have a landline at your house, this is the only way to answer it. In a classic shape with a convenient cord that you can twirl around your finger as you talk about going steady with your latest beau, it is retro supreme.

 Flannel "Winter Scene" Pajamas ($35, on sale). Yes, these are as cozy and cute as they sound. Winterberry nightgown version also available, if you're going for a prairie-girl vibe.

 9" Boar Bristle Brush ($10). This one is listed under "long-time favorites that just plain work," and it adds lift to your hairdo. For real. We're talking sky high.