Hear(t) It: Haim, "Days Are Gone"

haim-days-are-goneTrue story: The mother of the girls from Haim is a real estate agent I met back in 2009. She told me her daughters were in a band and to check them out. I did and I was impressed. Fast forward four years to today, sisters Este, Alanna and Danielle are the darlings of rock and have released their debut album Days Are Gone today.

A peculiar blend of country, folk, rock and R&B make their way through Days Are Gone. One minute they're conjuring Fleetwood Mac and then the next it's Destiny's Child. In the wrong songwriting hands, this could be bad, but it works for Haim as they take the best bits from each genre to craft an album of undeniably catchy, hook-driven songs.All of these disparate influences are the keys to Haim's knack for some kickass songwriting. It's like a chef who can take weird ingredients and *poof* make them into the tastiest concoction your taste buds have ever experienced.Listen to songs off Days Are Gone here, and then treat yourself to a viewing of The Wire video.